My Sixteenth Day

I just got back from golf practice and my 4 hours of work, so I'm exhausted.

Work started off quite funny. I told the nice supervisor lady that I was leaving after Wednesday, so that rekindled shouted conversation that I was going to the Scotland.

The old manager who got in a fight with Curly in one of my previous posts came up to me.

"Could you do me a favor?"
"When you come back for the holidays or summer, could you bring me back a shot glass from Scotland. I collect them from all over."
"Yeah, okay."
"I'll pay you for it."
"You don't have to do that."
"See, I have them from all over the world. I have wooden ones-"
"Yeah, and pewter ones, and crystal ones. It's amazing at how many different types there are!"

It was as if I were in a Kids in the Hall sketch. He was going nuts about how cool shot glasses were, and I was trying to pretend that I was interested because I'm a subordinate.

After that, I was running meats all by myself. This isn't so bad, because I'm really quite good at it. I'm probably better than most people there. Eventually, though, the traffic caught up with me, and I was insanely busy. I've been here for 15 days, and they have 2 people on meats/fryer at any given time, even when it's really slow. Not today. It was all me, and I was facing a deluge. I was running from grill to fryer to walk-in freezer because I didn't even have someone to stock up for me. Eventually, a nice girl who was working at the table/wall gave me a hand.

I was really pissed off that they would just leave me there, though.

So when 3:45 rolled around, I promptly left. They needed quite a few things done, but I was tired of it all. As I was washing my hands, the Russian girl walked up to me and asked me to drop some crispy chicken.

"Sorry, I already clocked out."

It was a poor excuse, and I would have normally done it as a favor, but I had already taken my apron off and had finished washing my hands. Oh, that, and I don't care.

Two more days. I'm free on Sunday and Saturday, so expect posts about my upcoming switch to a new blog during that time. I'm still working out the kinks, but I do have hosting.
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