I was just reminded of Franchise slogan. You probably already know it. "I'm ....n' it." Who okayed this? Did the Franchise hire my high school logbook staff for their marketing team? It's like a timewarp to the mid-90s. No, that wouldn't be respectable in any time period.

But that's just the start! They go on to say "...what I eat and what I do." It's trademarked, so hopefully removing the first word (or conjunction) will do the trick. So who came up with this one? Even the logbook staff would draw the line before this one even came onto the table. Let's go through it, bit by bit:

"...what I eat"

Sure, okay, that makes sense. You do eat here. There are two problems, though. Who is the "I"? Are they to assume we'd like to follow suit with the voice-over on their commercial? The second issue is the redundancy of the statement. I would have thought that it was rather obvious with what you're supposed to do when confronted with food, but then again, they went on to say:

"and what I do."

Wha? Wait, wha? No. There is nothing okay about this.

They're not getting any love from me.

Doing heavy research for this post, I stumbled upon a very helpful Wikipedia article on the subject.
You know what to change to make that link work ^

You'll probably be interested in Backstreet Boys connection. I know I am.

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