Short Term Memory, Again

I forgot to mention that I had also gotten a call a couple days ago from Boston Mart (I know I have no creativity in changing names) asking me to do an interview. I turned them down. There are four reasons for this:

1. If it is an upgrade, it will only be marginally better.
2. It was going to be a hassle to quit and join somewhere else.
3. There would be no hope of a reference from the Franchise.
4. They were pissy when I applied. I went in, and asked for an application. Some manager guy handed me one and gave me a pen.

"Actually, could I fill this out at home and bring it back to you?"
"No, you have to fill it out here. That's our policy."

Right... because so many people are going to go home and cheat. I like lists, so here's one of the things that they didn't get from me by making me fill out the application on the spot:

1. My Social Security number.
2. One of the two references requested.
3. The address of the one reference I did have.
4. My previous employer's correct address.
5. My school's address.
6. My school's phone number.
4. Me working there.

After I finished the application, I handed it to the manager guy. He stood there and started browsing through it. I was tempted to walk away, but it seemed like he hadn't dismissed me. I stood there looking around. There was an old couple looking at me. Eventually, he looked down at me.

"Are you looking for something just for this summer?"
"Well, I'm going to school after the summer."
"We're not looking for seasonal work, but I'll file your application... Under banana peal... In the trash."

Okay, he didn't say the last two sentences, but he conveyed the same message. For all his stony demeaner, it turned out they did need me. I have a little bit of pride, and that's where I draw the line.
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3:16 AM, July 26, 2005

Oh man I HATE it when a company rejects ya by saying they'll file your application for future reference and call if they ever have any vacancies.

Wish they grew some balls and told us poor folk the truth!    

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