My Third Day

I really wasn't looking forward to working, today. It was actually yesterday, but who cares?

Anyway, I got there and met Shaneequa. I'm still not sure what her real name is. She asked me when I started. I said 5.

"You're early. Go wait until it's 5."
I looked at my watch. 4:57
"Where should I wait?"
"The crew room."

It was just by happenstance that I had heard someone call the closet I had gone into to go through the "e-learning" training program the crew room.

I walked in there and stood. I heard Shaneequa from the other room tell someone else to wait until it was 5. A guy about my age comes in. I decide to be friendly.

"Are you new here?"
"Sorta, I've been here like three days before."
"Oh, this is my third day."
"Where are you working?"
"The grill."

He just looked at the schedule and sat down. I just stood there, feeling awkward.

At 4:59, he got up and walked to the other closet office. I went with him. We stood waiting for the supervisors to look at us for a bit, but then he decided to go back to Shaneequa. She clocked us in and mumbled something to me about burgers and helping someone I didn't know.

I just went back to the grill.

There are a lot of times when you have nothing to do. At times like these, I like to get a rag out of the "clean towel bucket," and wipe down my area. Today, though, there was no such bucket. How fantastic.

At one point, I got some really disgusting grease on my hand. I went to the sink to wash my hands. I'm probably the only person in there who goes near the sink. I know I mentioned that we're supposed to wear gloves, and wash our hands, but now I see they don't expect us to do either. The soap dispenser has been broken since I started, and just thinking about it is making me ill.

Eventually, things picked up. I had to race between the fryer and the grills. I was getting people asking for stuff all the time. After I had taken care of most of it, that kid who introduced himself on my first day came in and asked me if I was running the grill by myself. He offered to help me out.

After things calmed down, he showed me how to close the grill, even though someone had showed me yesterday. It was either that, or do it myself. It's really not something I'm looking forward to doing on my own.

He asked me how old I was. I told him I was 18.

"Good, because I'm actually too young to be allowed to close the grill. I'm only 17."

At times like this, I wonder whether it's just this franchise that is too cool for the rules, or all Franchise restaurants have abandoned the proper procedures.

I asked him how I would figure out my schedule for the rest of the week and the next. He told me to ask a manager at the end of my shift.

At about 7:30, things get rather quiet. I asked the Russianish woman how they assembled the burgers. She showed me for a while. Her accent sounds almost Italian, but I'm so sure she's from around Russia.

I didn't work past my shift, this time. I was anxiously waiting for it to end. At 8, I went to a manager (not Shaneequa) and she told me she didn't need me for the rest of the week and that I should come in on Saturday or Sunday to see what my schedule is.

I rushed out of there.

Later that day, when I was in a Chinese restaurant eating sushi (only in America), I remembered that I hadn't clocked out. I don't really care, though. What are they going to do?

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