My Sixth Day

I'm not sure today even warrants a mention. It was uneventful. I became friends with a young guy named Al. [Don't want to end up a cartoon, in a cartoon graveyard.]

Oh, I almost forgot. When I first got there, the other person at the grill was a fat kid. Guess what? He's a freshman at where I went to high school. I had never seen him before. It's too bad he's not in school now, because I want to know if they fixed the lockers my friends and I tried to tear down, or erased my name I wrote on a door with a hall pass. I told him to avoid taking journalism classes. I got in quite a bit of trouble while taking those. I'm not going to write about that, but if you want to read a slightly similar, but far more interesting account of how far writing can get you in trouble, check out this. It's not very well written, but it got my attention enough so that I read the whole thing.

So when I told this kid to stay away from journalism, I also grumbled that the school newspaper, and everyone involved with it, were terrible.

"Yeah, I never read the newspaper. I get it in homeroom and think, yay! More stuff to burn when I get home."

Right... It's so hard to laugh at the things the other employees say.

Later on, Al was asking me about uni. Al isn't the kid from my high school. I can't remember what he asked me if I was going to be studying, but it was something odd.

"No, I'm going to study history," I replied.
"No, modern."
"Oh, so you could be the voice of that guy on the Discovery Channel?"
You mean like in American Hot Rod, I thought.
"Probably more the History Channel than the Discovery Channel."
"Hey, do you watch Animal Planet?"
"Not really, no."
"You gotta be 21 to watch some of that stuff. You know, when the animals get on each other?"
"Yeah, I know."

Another day, another dollar. Then again, they have shown no inclination to pay me.

Since I started working at the Franchise, I have made $55 from my ex-employer, and $0 from the Franchise.

Come on, Office Market, please pull through! I know what an Ethernet card is!
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