My Seventh Day UPDATED

Today was different than all the other days. Not interesting-different, but rather boring-different.

When I walked in, Curly, who is pictured here, told me to start cleaning up the surfaces with a rag. I did this for about 45 minutes. There was about 7 minutes worth of stuff to clean up, but I wasn't enthusiastic about going back up to Curly. He could get me when he was ready.

Eventually, some salt-and-pepper, wiry old manager asked me if I knew how to work the grill. Why yes, I just happen to know. He set me work at the fryer for a while, but then there was some sort of leak in the dishwashing area, so I mopped that up. Click to enlarge the picture.

Right as I was finishing the mopping, Curly comes in to tell me I'm on the table.


He wanted me to go help prepare the sandwiches.

"You've done this before, right?"
"No, actually, I haven't."

So, I started at the end of the line. Someone would make the sandwich, and I would add the meat to it and wrap it up.

"What are you doing?" Curly asked me in his uniquely rhetorical tone.
"I've never done this before."
"Yeah, but show some enthusiasm."

What? That would make me the only person in the entire building, save for some kids hopping and screaming next to the toy display, who would be enthusiastic. So, do you know what I did to change? Absolutely nothing.

As I said, I only added the meat, so the two times I got yelled at for making the wrong thing, were pretty uncalled for. One of those times, the guy who actually screwed it up told the manager, "it's all right, he just messed it up a bit, we're making a new one." Thanks for having my back, you dick.

Eventually, I got the hang of it. After 2ish it got slow so they turned my side off and moved me to the other side. Her I worked with a girl who doesn't like to speak English. She understands most of it. She's obviously from some Eastern European country. My guess, based on her facial features: Romanian.

We became friendly, as much as two people not talking to each other can be. I've gotten good at the language barrier friendship thing after spending a few months abroad.

As I was working, I noticed that there was an attractive girl working at the drive-through. This is one of the two attractive girls I've seen. The other is quite a bit taller and has very public emotional problems. This girl seemed maybe a little younger than me. I probably wouldn't find her very attractive if it weren't in contrast to all the other people working there, but I can't help that. Anyway, I'm in such a subordinate social position that I shouldn't even think about such things. The picture doesn't really do her justice, but if you click it, it looks a little better. I couldn't emphasize how dark she makes her eyes. ***EDIT***: I forgot to draw her freckles. Those drive me crazy. The sad thing is that I spent a bit of time trying to memorize her face so I could sketch it better. Now that old wiry guy and the pretty girl both think I'm creepy, since I stared at both of them. I just wanted to draw their pictures and show them on the internet to complete strangers. If that's creepy, I don't know what isn't.

***Amendment***: Looking back on this post, those pictures look horrible. I can honestly say that I was better when I was in middle school. All these words have pushed out whatever part of my mind that could draw. I still like my picture of Curly, though, even if it doesn't look anything like him. In case Curly is reading this and doesn't understand the textual cue to click on a link to view the image, here it is in all it's sketchy glory:
Click to enlarge.
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9:10 PM, July 31, 2005

This is quite a unique blog concept! And I love how you added sketches of the people so we could better relate to your stories. I'm sorry your manager is such a dickwad. Frig. Congrats on the 7th day. I admire the hell out of you.    

9:51 PM, July 31, 2005

Your problem is you're an intelligent person working in an industry dominated by morons. Sounds harsh, but I've been there, and I know it's true.    

10:00 PM, July 31, 2005

You know, I originally thought that everyone would be an idiot, but I've met quite a few people who are actually quite smart. They're not managers or supervisors, of course. It's the people who aren't there for the long haul who are the most normal. You're right, though, in terms of domination as in who runs it. They're idiots. Somebody asked me today why they were still hiring if they only give me a couple hours 3 days a week. Who the hell knows? I don't really mind not working too much, though. Thanks for reading and posting.    

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