My Second Day

I'm a day behind on everything, but I have had some other stuff to deal with. I took a sleeping pill tonight, so I might not be very coherent by the end of this.

My second day started slightly better. I got there on time with my uniform on. I walked past the counter to the closet-office, again. I was just lucky enough to catch the uniform supervisor guy. He stared blankly at me, but I was getting used to it here.

"I just started yesterday."
"Oh, right. Now you look like you're ready to work."
"Yeah, sorry about yesterday. It's no excuse that I didn't have the uniform and you had told me to come in to get it, you dickhead."

I didn't say that. I just smiled and tried to cough out a little chuckle.

"Man, you need to get a tan! You're as white as a [something that's generally white but I forgot what he said]."
"Yeah, that's because I spent an hour scrubbing my hands and arms yesterday after being infected with this vile place. My upper dermal layer is far gone with all the crap I look forward to renewing today."

I didn't say that bit either. I actually did say "Thanks," though. It was an accident, but it was fitting.

"So where should I go?"
"Go see Shaneequa."

I don't remember exactly what her name was, but it was something of the sort.

"Who is that?"
"Err, I don't know anybody's name."

The woman supervisor came up.

"She's the one in the pink, maybe you could call it peach shirt."

I spotted her down at the second drive-through window. She looked busy.

"Hi, I just started. I was told to come down here to know where to start."
"Told by who?"

Panic time. There was no time to tell her she should have used "whom." I tried to think of some way to describe the supervisors.

"The people in the office."
--blank stare--
"Over there."
"Are you working at the grill?"
"I don't know, that's why I came over here."
"Did you work at the grill yesterday?"
"Then you're working there today."
"Okay, thank you."

Remind me not to run into her, again.

This time there was nobody at the grill. I went to the back room to get an apron. There was a 20ish year old guy with a large gap between his two front teeth.

"Hi," I said, "Where are the aprons?"
"Well, they should be on that hook there."
"Is there any other place they could be?"
"I don't know."
"Oh wait, here's one up here."

He helped me out for a bit. At one point he asked to see my braces. It seemed even stranger to me when he asked which college I was going to. I told him.

"Is that around here?"
"No, it's in..."

Most people get amazed when they find out where I'm going, but it honestly isn't such a big deal. This guy didn't think so, either, and I liked him all the better for it.

"That's really out of state!"

A while later, a friendly middle-aged man came by to show me how to close the grill. I learned something new. Closing a grill is what they call cleaning the grill. They never actually close the grill in the sense I was familiar with.

The people who come in after 7 are always the nicest. There's the Russianish woman who tought me how to assemble the burgers, the normal-voiced woman who tells me what to make before it runs out, and that awful Shaneequa girl leaves.

So while I was toiling away, I hear the women across the assembly divider discussing which soup kitchens are the best. It turns out that Fridays are at the Salvation Army, Wednesdays once a month are for some Church, and the rest I didn't catch. I'm rather surprised that the employees have to resort to this.

Overall, it was not a busy day, but I accidentally worked 10 minutes too long. I decided to order a #1 from them. Now, I always have a problem when I order the #1s, because I order them without cheese. They always screw it up. One time, I got it with cheese, took it back, got another one, and it had cheese on it, too. Well, now that I work there, they aren't going to screw up my order, right? Wrong, but now, I can't go up to them and say, "What the hell is wrong with you? You have a damn button for no cheese, yet you always give it to me with cheese. I'm never coming here again!" I ended up just scraping it off with some napkins when I got home. I also vowed never to eat there again.
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