Interlude Number Two

Before I go on to explain how my second day went, I'd like to fill everyone in on why, exactly, I am working at the Franchise. Do I need the money?

No. I'm working there because I was forced to. I applied to several places. I interviewed with some firm in the city. It didn't work out. I interviewed with Starbucks. They weren't looking for seasonal work. I interviewed with the Franchise.

It was a joke. I sat down with the interviewer.

"This isn't a difficult job. It takes some common sense. A lot of people don't have that, though."
"What would you do if you saw someone doing something they shouldn't be doing?"
"Tell a manager?"
"What size pants do you wear?"
"For the uniform."

That was it. I got the job right about there.

"So are you going to school after the summer?"
"Yes. I'll be here until mid-September."

Maybe this is where they say, oh we weren't looking for someone to work here for two months.

"That's great. A lot of people go to school and come back for the holidays. Just give us a call when you're around. Are you going to school nearby?"
"No... It's pretty far away."

What they didn't, and still don't know is that I'm off to Peru a month before I go to school. That's the thing that's keeping me going. I was up at 2:45 this morning tossing around because my legs hurt so much from standing for so long in dress shoes, but that thought eventually let me fall asleep.

Why was I wearing my dress shoes to the Franchise? They said I needed black shoes. I could order them from their catalogue or get my own. I hate buying shoes. I figured, I have some black shoes that fit me. What could possibly go wrong?

First, the floors at this place are like a lake... that's frozen over with a couple wet spots, here and there. I have pretty good balance, so I've adapted to skating from place to place on the inch-high layer of grease and foulness between me and the real floor.
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